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Give access to your computers for a given time with a few clicks from your server.

Compatible with Windows and Linux (Python inside), Cybertimer simply shows a full size screen when the computer is locked. Thus access is denied but nothing is lost in case the user requires a few more minutes to save and disconnect.

Source code for client and server

Currently up and running at Bobble Café

Warzone Battleplan

Enjoy heavy and fully customized tanks in this multiplayer mod for Warzone 2100.

Battleplan makes the skirmishes far more easy to handle with a simple tech tree and various counter-schemes.

Source code

Abandonned project. May not work properly on the latest version of Warzone 2100

You DID it!

Create point'n click games with this full-web engine without even requiring a web server. You DID it! let you make games between the visual novel and the adventure style, with narrative sections enhancing immersion in puzzle scenes.

As there are currently no visual game editor, you will require some JSON knowledge but no coding skills (documentation and examples included with the engine).

Source code

Work in progress. You DID it! is up and running but subject to changes.

Sibyllae Vox

Replay the historic battles of the antiquity with this mod of 0 A.D. which focuses on decision making, positioning and various strategies.

Achieve your victory by conquering villages, preparing fine battle movements, sieging or raiding until gaining control of the whole region, or die trying.

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Template Alterator

Alter the templates of the original game or any other mod to create your own mod while keeping track of changes done to the original mod.

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Natural slopes

Add to some blocks the ability to turn from a full block to a slope according to their surroundings.

Read more on Minetest forum Source code

Position listener (poschangelib)

A library to watch player movements and trigger some custom functions. It has some advanced features like interpolation.

Read more on Minetest forum Source code

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