Counter scheme

According to unit roles here is how I think which class could counter which other, depending on the situation of course. Note that this takes running and charging in account for a future implementation (and not just damage/range/armor/cost).

It will also vary a bit if some units have different strengths and weaknesses in different civilization, but the general counter should remain the same not to get lost (thus it would be more or less effective).

In short (but with some exception)

Ranged > melee infantry
Cavalry > ranged infantry
Range with melee cover > cavalry

Then we have short/medium/long range melee infantry (being individual, small group, pack fighters respectively)

Short/medium/long range infantry (shorter = easier to cover but easily outranged)

Light/heavy cavalry (mobility vs durability)


With medium range, they can fight in two rows, giving them more power when in tight formation.

Generally, strength and durability is given when in formation but decreases their speed (thus more prone to hit'n run), less strength and durability when individual (thus more prone to melee fight)


  • Swordmen when in formation, using outnumbering in fighting
  • Cavalry but not that much

Countered by

  • Swordmen when dispersed (losing their outnumbering effect)
  • Ranged units by hit'n runnnig
  • Elephant, just being crushed


With long range, they can fight even more than spearmen when in tight formation. The counter scheme is roughfly the same.


  • Swordmen, spearmen when in formation, using outnumbering in fighting
  • Cavalry

Countered by

  • Swordmen and spearmen when dispersed
  • Ranged units by hit'n running
  • Elephant if not being careful


With short melee range, they are the best individual fighters.


  • Individual melee units

Countered by

  • Cavalry
  • Archers (see archers counter)
  • Elephant


Short range hit'n run specialist


  • Spear and pikemen, by forcing to disrupt, or even just killing them in place while hit'n running
  • Javelin cavalry with their speed advantage not being useable (and being less cost/efficient)
  • Elephant with target spreading

Countered by

  • Light and heavy cavalry if uncovered (very short distance to run)
  • Covered archers and slingers by not getting in range


Long range troop


  • Disrupted infantry (be it spear and pikes not in tight formation or swordmen not in testudo)

Countered by

  • Slingers if massed (outrange)
  • Cavalry when uncovered (by reducing their range advantage)
  • Siege, almost ineffective


Long anti-mass troop


  • Massed infantry
  • Better against siege than archers, but not skirmishers (otherwise mini siege > siege)

Countered by

  • Cavalry

Heavy cavalry

(read spear cav)


  • Everything in one on one (except elephant), not that much for siege

Countered by

  • A few pikemen, a bit more spearmen
  • Javelin cavalry by hit'n running
  • Elephant

Light cavalry

(read sword cavalry)


  • Uncovered siege
  • Ranged units if not well covered
  • Can't be hit'n run by javelin cavalry

Countered by

  • Spearmen, pikemen (making attacks not worth them)

Javelin cavalry

Fast hit'n run troop, close to infantry javelinist except for cavalry.


  • Spear and pikemen, by disrupting them, or even just killing in hit'n run
  • Elephant with target spreading and hit'n run

Countered by

  • Javelinist by being less cost/efficient
  • Light cavalry if fighting it

Archer cavalry

Long range cavalry


  • Everything that can't get in range (melee infantry, javelinists)

Countered by

  • Everything that can get in range (archers, slingers, light cavalry, javelin cavalry)
  • Almost ineffective against siege


That mastodont


  • All melee units (less for pikemen)
  • Siege

Countered by

  • Javelinists, javelin cavalry (good)
  • Archers, archer cavalry (medium)
  • Slingers (somehow)
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