Design Meetings

Members of the design committee talks about some parts of the game and gather generally once a week in design meetings to make some decisions and create a public report. Some discussions are also open on the forums.

Members: DarcReaver, karamel, niektb, Tango_

The design committee was unofficially dismissed with the lack of advancements, need for testing, lack of attention and the general abandon of the project as a community suggestion for alpha 20 at the end of 2015.

Meeting #4, october 12th 2015

Public report

Nothing was acted because of the lack of feedback to test some concepts.

Meeting #3, october 4th 2015

Evolution of a game through time

The game starts small with most of strategies available that could start action at around 3 minutes. Through time there will be more expansion to bring more army facilities and supplies. There will be also specializing opportunities and choices to make to enhance some strategies over others

Meeting #2, september 29th 2015

The limit of historical accuracy in 0 A.D.

0 A.D. tries to be as historically accurate as possible and therefore its gameplay and civilisations are supported by an historical background. But it's still an RTS game (and not a simulator or an arcade game) and therefore some exceptions and compromises need to be made to keep the game playable and enjoyable.

Winning a battle and planning them

Compared to Age of Kings battle tactics should take a more prominent place in 0 A.D. Players should plan their battles instead of massing their units. Scouting is an integral part if this.

Building Cities

Just like planning battles needs thought, base building needs it too. A key feature in how you're going to shape your base is to possess strategic spots that you need in the longer run to outlast your opponents.

Meeting #1, september 20th 2015

Public report

0 A.D. is a history-driven game that focuses on planning battles and settlements for a good economy. A game should last around 20 to 45 minutes. You start off with a small garrison and expand. While the game progresses you start creating an metropolis. That means more population, more resource spots and of course more soldiers, and more different types of upgrades.
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