Installing the mod


After you have downloaded the mod, uncompress it where you installed 0 A.D. in binaries/data/mods/. After you have uncompressed it, your directories should look like this.

  • 0ad installation directory (be it C:\Program Files (x86)\0ad_alpha or something like that)
    • binaries
      • data
        • config
        • l10n
        • mods
          • mod
          • public
          • sibyllae vox
          • _test.dae
          • _test.minimal
          • _test.sim
          • _test.tex
          • _test.xero
        • tests
        • tools
      • system


To play the mod, run 0 A.D. and open the Mod Selection in Tools & Options.

You will then see on top all the mods available and on the bottom the mod that are currently enabled.

Click on Sibyllae Vox on the top part and click on Enable.

The mod will move from the available mods to the enabled ones. Click then on Start mods and you are ready to play. The game will return on the title screen and the music should have changed.

Be sure you have only enabled 0ad and Sibylae Vox as enabling other mods on top may make the game not working.


The mod is not listed in the Mod Selection screen

There was a problem during the installation. Check that the mod is uncompressed on the right folder and if it is check for the read permissions (mostly for GNU/Linux)

I get a lot of errors when I start a game and a lot of things are missing.

You are probably running an incompatible version of the mod for you current version of 0 A.D.

Check out the version number in the mod selection in the second column. If it is only made from numbers, it is a development version compatible only with the development version of the game. If it is alphaXX.Y, the XX must match your version of 0 A.D.

For example version 20160702 is not compatible with the public releases. Version alpha20.1 is compatible with Alpha 20. The game version is shown on the title screen approximatively in the middle of the menu.

Advanced topics

This section is dedicated to advanced users (mostly developers).

Alternate versions

Get the source code from Framagit.

git clone

There are multiple branches for testing dedicated features

  • alphaXX branches are for debugging on the current 0 A.D. release
  • master is the stable branch for the future version (svn)
  • experimental1 include some works on formations
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