Features and patches for 0 A.D.

This page tracks changes to the core that can enhance the modability or advance in the development of 0 A.D. in general. It excludes all balance/values tweakings as they are implemented with a global scheme and won't make any sense to try them one by one.

Once patches or suggestions are ready, a ticket will be opened for discussion with the team.

Build restrictions and territories

Allow multiple build restrictions

State: It works for me but with some bugs. The patch will probably be a starting point for a more complete patch.

This patch is used to allow a building to have multiple distance restrictions from other buildings.

Ticket 3592

The restriction is not bidirectional, it is still possible to build something in an incorrect place if it was there before building the one that make the place incorrect.

Territory level

State: Hacky feature to provide in an elegant way. Pre-implementation phase.

The contryside feature adds restrictions in a hacky way to be able to build city facilities only near a civil center. It would be much more elegant to have multiple territory levels, like CC casting level 2 (City), houses casting level 1 (village) and temples being buildable only on level 2 territory (inside the city).

Requires some thoughts, implementation suggestion and a kind of roadmap to make some clear patches.


Formation bonuses

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