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 ===== Getting started ===== ===== Getting started =====
-<WRAP center round important ​60%> +<WRAP center round box 60%> 
-The latest version of Sibyllae Vox is currently compatible only with the dev 0 A.D. (from svn). If you have installed 0 A.D. alpha 20, the mod will show a lot of errors.+[[install|{{:​0adsv:​res:​install_mod_activate1.jpg?​nolink&​200 |}}]] [[install|Downloadinstall and run the mod]]
 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-Once you have installed 0 A.D., download Sibyllae Vox and uncompress the archive in the ''​binary/​data/​mods/''​ folder (along with ''​public''​ and ''​mod''​ folders which are already installed with the game). 
-<WRAP center round download 60%> 
-[[http://​files.creativekara.fr/​sibyllae_vox/​|Download the mod]] 
-Start the game and activate the mod in ''​tools and options''​ with the mod selector. You can alternatively activate it in command line with the option ''​-mod=sibyllae_vox''​. 
-If the mod is activated, the menu music should have changed. Enjoy ! 
 ===== The concept ===== ===== The concept =====
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