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Give access to your computers for a given time with a few clicks from your server.

Compatible with Windows and Linux (Python inside), Cybertimer simply shows a full size screen when the computer is locked. Thus access is denied but nothing is lost in case the user requires a few more minutes to save and disconnect.


The server is installed on your main computer. It opens a window to control every connected station. The list of stations is defined in clients.txt.

Press “Play” to unlock a station. If no time is provided, it will grow up in green until you stop it. If you have provided a given time, it will decrease in red and stop automatically when the timer reaches 0:00.

Use the yellow lock to turn on or off Cybertimer on the station. When unlocked, the station will go on operator mode. In this mode, the time continues to flow but the station won't lock and you can quit the software.


Install the client on every monitored station, edit the config file to set the server address and set it to automatically start on startup.

It will try to connect to the server every few seconds to refresh it's state.

When locked, the station will show a fullscreen logo (set in config file) and continuously go to front.

When unlocked, it will display as a little window showing the remaining time. Trying to close it will only reduce it unless it is in operator mode.

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