The game can be played in various manners with different personal objectives. Each type of gameplay is broken into two parts.

The basic part is the core of the gameplay. It requires little knowledge and can be played without much dedication. When pausing the game for a few monthes, the basic gameplays should be played right after getting back into the game without much efforts. The whole game can be played with just the basic gameplays, but the advanced ones are required to achieve more ambitious and attractive goals.

The advanced part requires more focus, and hold most of the objectives. It require more thinking, knowing a little more and requires some planning to achieve the goals. When pausing the game, it may require a little time before getting back into the business and continue where the projects were stopped. Achieving some advanced goals may not ease the basic gameplays, but it adds other opportunities to enrich other goals.



Exploration is about discovering things, traveling around the world. With the help of a few navigation tools, distant spots can be marked for later use.

Basic exploration consists in walking around the world, placing some landmarks and discovering interesting resource spots, beautiful lands or other interesting spots.


Some areas are difficult to explore. Being dangerous, hardly attainable or requiring a lot of tools to progress in the exploration or discover hidden properties. Discovering those areas and opening an easy access requires a lot of investment, but it opens the way to exceptional landscapes and materials.


Mining covers both mining and farming. Mining is about getting resources from the world, farming is about regenerating them.


The basic resources are obtainable with simple tools and may be abundant or easy to reproduce to provide materials for the basic usages.


Advanced mining requires special tools and complex environment to get the finest materials. Some of them requires a risky context that should be carefully evaluated to avoid side effects. For example extracting resources from large fires, creating unstable materials by mixing different nodes.

Advanced farming may requires a long chain of transformations and specific conditions to unlock rare resources or exploiting huge areas to provide the required materials.



Create the basic tools to support the other gameplays. It is about getting the basic workshops and creating supplies from them and basic resources.


Advanced crafting can requires multiple steps with various workshops and materials. The resulting items may be required for other advanced gameplays, or can add some visual effects like fireworks or fine wears.


Building is about creating structures and shaping the landscape.


Building shelters, roads or other simple things that requires some time and helps to progress in the game, but that does not require much planning and supports other gameplays.


Building astonishing structures, visually appealing, with material constraints and maybe multiple construction phases.



Getting a few NPCs and make them to follow you or stay at home to provide other inventories and work force that can be manually managed and controlled.

Spending most of the time actually doing things, with some support or even no NPC that does almost nothing but can be controlled one after the other.


Getting more NPCs with order lists to make them self-sufficient with balanced production and consumption.

Spending most of the time watching the supplies and checking that everything goes fine and adjusting orders according to the situation.

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