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Game name

Prototype names

These are old names that doesn't mean anything but were used when starting the project.

  • Living World
  • World's Mine
  • TNMG

Concept and keywords

The games is about managing resources in an evolving voxel world.

  • Game keywords: Mine, Voxel, Evolution, Management, Live, Building, Exploring, Crafting
  • Concept keywords: Gaia, Nature, Vita

Name proposals


Kind of a contraction of TNMG

  • Pros: Short name, in the same designation of Minetest Game, keeps tnmg to prevent renaming everything
  • Cons: Doesn't evoke anything appart from a metal game


Combinaison of Voxel and Gaia

  • Pros: Short name, fluent prononciation, evokes voxel and has a kind of adventure type
  • Cons: Voxai are creatures from Sonic Chronicles

Variants: Voxalia (taken by an other game project), Voxaria (mod from Minecraft)


Gaia is written Gaea in English.

  • Pros: same as above, no other association
  • Cons:


  • Pros: even shorter
  • Cons: Vaia is a common name and a riven, Vaea is a mount and the name of some institutions

Could be kept as code prefix.


  • Pros: anima instead of gaia, still keep the living reference
  • Cons: common name.


  • Pros: still close to voxanima, much less common
  • Cons: lost reference to anima


Variant of Voxaia, because it has too much similarities with existing projects.

It lacks the 3rd dimension from Vox(el) to Pix(el).

  • Cons: It's an indie game developpement studio.


  • Pros: evokes evolution and nature
  • Cons: too common, already used by multiple associations/businesses


Generated names with no meaning from T, N, M, and G.

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